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When you bank online, you trust that your account is safe from hackers. Even so, online accounts can seem to consumers like easy targets: Instead of robbing a bank, a criminal could simply whisk away your money with a few keystrokes. To combat these concerns — and protect your cash — banks and credit unions have a number of policies to keep online customer accounts secure. Standard measures include using firewalls, anti-virus protection on bank
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Whether you’re graduating from high school or college, a diploma and a job represent the beginning of your personal — and financial — adult life. It’s an exciting, sometimes overwhelming time. When you have the inevitable “I have no idea what I’m doing” freakout, remember these tips: 1. Set clear financial priorities You probably can’t save, invest and pay off debt all at once, so prioritize in this order: Save $500 for emergencies, because there
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The emergency fund is a bust. Millions of Americans don’t have one, and some of those who do resist tapping what they’ve saved. I’d like to propose an alternative for both sets of people: The “oh, crap!” fund, a savings account for not-quite-emergency expenses. One of the reasons people don’t have emergency funds is misplaced optimism. People think that if they’re healthy, they’ll stay healthy. If they’re employed, ditto. The car will keep running, the
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When Morinda Birkl gets married in October, she won’t be carrying a bouquet. There will be no bridal party, and her wedding reception won’t feature a DJ. Birkl, 29, and her fiance decided to skip these wedding traditions to save money. It’s the second wedding for both, which she says helped them prioritize their spending. “Looking back on our previous weddings, we can think about what was a waste of money,” she says. “We sat with
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If you want to give a graduation gift that is always appreciated, give cash. If you want to give a gift that will help your grad save cash, though, you’ll need to give it a little more thought. Any of the following gifts would be appropriate for a college graduate heading out into the world, and most would work for high school graduates as well. 1. An Instant Pot. Your grad may be living on a rice-and-beans budget. Here’s an
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Rick Morehouse, CPA, CFP® Financial Advisor Platte Valley Investment Center/Raymond James Financial Services, Inc.   It’s natural to be nervous when the markets head for negative territory. Keep a positive perspective with these six investing reminders. It can be unsettling for investors when their portfolios and the markets start heading into the red. Here are six investing basics to keep in mind during volatile times. Periods of volatility are normal. All markets move in cycles,
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