Checking Overdraft Services

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Checking Overdraft Services

At Mountain Valley Bank, we make every effort to be sure our checks are honored when presented to the bank for payment. We offer a variety of ways to avoid the embarrassment of returned checks.



Bounce Protection*

Having a check returned due to insufficient funds can be a costly, inconvenient, and potentially embarrassing experience. Bounce Protection is a discretionary overdraft service, requiring no action on your part, which provides you a safety net up to an automatically assigned overdraft limit. Your Bounce Protection limit may be available for checks and other transactions made using your checking account number or automatic bill payment and recurring debit card payments.

At your request, we may authorize and pay ATM transfers or withdrawals and everyday debit card purchases using your limit. There is no additional cost associated with Bounce Protection until you use it. With Bounce Protection, you will be charged our overdraft fee of $30 for each overdrawn item, up to $150.00 per day.

No interest will be charged on the overdraft balance or the overdraft fees. As a courtesy to our customers, non-sufficient funds checks are paid whenever possible under this program. You should make every attempt to bring your account to a positive balance as soon as possible and must do so within 30 calendar days. Mountain Valley Bank reserves the right to require on demand repayment of overdrawn funds.

Savings Overline Service (SOS)

With Mountain Valley Banks Savings Overline Service (SOS), Mountain Valley Bank will transfer funds from your Regular Savings or Money Market accounts,** to your checking account whenever the funds in your checking are insufficient to cover checks presented for payment. Transfers are in dollar amount needed, and overdraft protection is available up to the amount deposited in your Regular Savings or Money Market accounts. There is a $5.00 fee for each transfer of funds with the SOS service.

Credit Line Checking

Mountain Valley Bank’s Credit Line Checking provides a line of credit that can be linked to your checking account. If your checking account balance falls short for any reason we will automatically advance money into your account to cover the amount needed, up to your pre-authorized credit limit.

Advances are made to the next even dollar amount bringing your checking account to a positive status. Credit Line Checking is also available when you use your Mountain Valley Bank ATM Card or VISA Debit Card to withdraw cash from your checking account at an automatic teller machine.*** You will be notified by mail when funds are advanced to your checking account from your Credit Line Checking account if the advance is over $100.00.

A Credit Line Checking statement provides information on cash advances and payments. It also gives you advance notice of the minimum payment amount and the day the payment will automatically deduct from your checking account. This statement is mailed 21 days prior to the due date. The automatic payment is $15.00 or 5% of your ending Credit Line balance, whichever is greater.

You may repay part or all of your Credit Line balance any time. You may also make payments by mail. The automatic payment can be avoided if you make a payment after the statement date and prior to the due date. There is a low annual fee for Mountain Valley Bank Credit Line Checking. Ask for details.




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* Bounce Protection is for those accounts that meet all requirements and remain in good standing. The bank may at its discretion refuse to pay any checks presented or to suspend this accommodation at any time. ** Subject to regulatory limitations. Ask for details. *** All transactions at Mountain Valley Bank ATMs are free. Foreign transaction surcharge fees at ATMs not owned by Mountain Valley Bank will be reimbursed by us and deposited to your account. All transactions at Mountain Valley Bank ATMs are free.