Personal Credit Card Application


Personal Credit Card Application

1. Type & Card Choice


Flat Top Flowers

2. Applicant

How Long at Address


How Long at Present Employer

3. Co-Applicant

How Long at Present Employer

4. Assets


List Name of Creditors and Account Numbers

5. Income

Applicant Annual Income

5b. Income

Co-Applicant Annual Income

6. Balance Transfer

Take advantage of your low interest rate by transferring balances from your higher rate cards to your new Platte Valley Visa account. Simply fill out the information below and sign the authorization, and we will transfer the amount listed to your new Platte Valley Visa account. What's more, there's absolutely no fee for this service. We'll handle all the paperwork - you pocket the interest savings. (Please remember, the total amount transferred may not exceed your credit line.) Please continue to pay any monthly statements you receive from the issuers listed on this form until you receive a statement showing no further balance is due.

7. Agree and Submit