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to Our New debit Cards

Hi, there.

We can’t wait to introduce you to your new Mountain Valley Bank Debit Card! It will arrive in the mail soon.

  • Continue to use your current Debit Card until Sunday, September 11, 2022 at 11:59 pm.
  •  Your current Debit Card will not work after Sunday, September 11, 2022 at 11:59 pm.
  • Your new Debit Card can be activated on or after Monday, September 12, 2022 at 12:00 am and will be ready for you to use immediately upon activation.


Your new card is more than a pretty face. New features include:

  • New vertical design with iconic Mountain Valley Bank imagery.
  • Contactless Payment option built in for added convenience and fraud protection.
  • New card number and expiration date. You will choose a new PIN when you activate your card.
  • Continue to enjoy free ATMs* anytime, anywhere.

We’re glad you’re here.

We designed our new cards with you in mind.

To make the most of your Debit Card experience, add your new card to your digital wallet for an added layer of protection and convenience. Set up card controls to easily control when, where and how you card can be used. Also, update any automatic payments with your new card number to avoid interruptions in payment processing. Thank you for continuing to choose Mountain Valley Bank. You belong here.

*We reimburse foreign ATM transaction fees back into your account. This does not include any foreign currency transaction fees you may incur.

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Why am I getting a new debit card?

As part of our commitment to providing you with the finest value and most competitive checking products, we are updating our card program to include additional features and issuing new cards.

When am I getting my new debit card?

You should see your card in the mail prior to 9/09/22.

Will I need to activate my new card?

Included with your new card you will receive information on how to quickly activate your new debit card on or after 9/12/22.

Can I pick my new card design?

A new card design has been preselected for you and is on its way.  If you prefer to choose a different design when your card renews, please contact your local branch and we can update your selection.

Are mobile purchasing options available?

Your new debit card can be added to Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google Pay.

Will my card number change?

Card security is a top priority to us. To help protect your account, you will receive a new card number with expiration date and security code.

What will happen to my account balance?

All balances will transfer automatically to your new account.

What if I need to report my card lost/stolen?

We have several ways to assist you:

    • In person Monday – Friday 8-5p MT
    • By calling 888-297-3416
    • NEW Card Controls – turn off your card
What if I don't receive my card?

Stop by your closest Mountain Valley Bank location where they will be able to produce you a new card on the spot or call our Bank Card Services team at 1-888-350-1184.


Steamboat Springs Curve Plaza - 970-870-6550

Steamboat Springs Wildhorse - 970-870-9990

Meeker - 970-878-0103

Walden - 970-723-8221

Hayden - 970-276-9099

Greeley - 970-351-8600

Fort Collins - 970-472-7900

24hr Telebanking - 877-275-2088